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Switching JCP&L Rates

Small-sized businesses are often restricted by electricity rates. Being able to save the cost of your energy usage will make it easier to manage your business effectively. We have partnered up with a number of top New Jersey energy suppliers to give you the best rates to meet your company’s requirements.

jersey central power & light serves 1.1 million customers throughout central New Jersey, including Chatham and Flemington, Morristown and Point Pleasant Beach. JCP&L is a local regulated utility that supplies electricity and maintains power lines that run through your neighborhood.

Its residential base rate is the lowest among all electric distribution companies that are regulated in New Jersey and it offers incentives to renewable energy sources, such as solar panel installation and solar heaters for pool heating. It is also planning to invest in reliability of service, by trimming trees and trimming limbs that fall within its grid.

You might wonder if JCP&L could be switched to a different provider such as a third-party supplier or a community energy aggregation. NJ Power Switch is a state-operated energy shopping website managed by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

If you decide to switch your default electricity provider, the first thing you’ll need know is what’s called the “electric supply charges.” This is the amount of your electric bill that comes directly from the supplier, and which you can control.

Next, compare your current JCP&L price against the supply charges to determine if it is possible to save money by using a third-party provider. This type of plan allows you to pool your energy usage with other customers in your area which results in a lower wholesale electric rate and, potentially, higher savings on the standard supply rate.

Natural Gas Rates

If you’re considering switching your provider of choice, you can find the lowest rates for your location using our online tool. Enter your zip code in order to receive rates from multiple energy companies.

There are many suppliers in New Jersey, including those which offer fixed rates, as well as those that fluctuate or variable rates. Many of them offer energy audits and other tools to improve energy efficiency for free.

Before making a decision, you should look at these plans in comparison to your current utility company. This is why the NJ Board of Public Utilities recommends that all customers shop for a better price.

In 1999 the year 1999, New Jersey’s energy deregulation permitted residents to select from a range of electric and gas suppliers. This allows you to look for energy plans and options that are more affordable and convenient than the regulated electric company.

If you’re ready to make the change the provider, the process is easy. To determine the supply charges from your utility and retailer, make sure you check your meter. Use our comparison tool to find the most suitable gas or electricity rate for you home or business.