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Buying a house without a mortgage

Buying a house often involves running into some non-trivial challenges, such as obtaining a mortgage from the bank but above all finding the liquidity needed to support the initial down payment.

Moreover, the Bank usually finances a maximum of 80% of the price of the property , with the exception of contractors who are able to offer further guarantees to supplement the mortgage on the house . However, we often tend to underestimate the opportunity to buy a house without a mortgage , making use of a series of alternative solutions contemplated by the civil code itself, but little known

Let’s start from the beginning. In fact, it is possible to make use of the sale with retention of title or of thesale subject to conditional termination , just to name a few examples. Then there is the rent to buy , a contract specifically designed for those who temporarily lack liquidity, and again the residential real estate leasing , a rather advantageous alternative for those who want to buy a property without having to apply for a loan from the bank . So here is a guide dedicated to how to buy a house without a mortgage without dangerous shortcuts, simply by making use of the provisions of the law.

sell your property

Buying a house: some alternatives to the real estate loan

If the desire to buy a house is likely to be shelved due to lack of liquidity, losing hope is not a solution. Thanks to the 2016 Stability Law , residential real estate leasing was introduced , a formula that has generally always been used in the purchase of cars or other means of transport. In this case , it is the bank or the creditor body that buys the property on behalf of the private individual , making it available to him upon payment of a monthly fee normally higher than a rent , all for a period of time. previously agreed, at the end of which a maxi-final installment must be paid .

It is a real lease with a minimum duration of 8 years which differs from the latter since at the end of this term the user has the right to withdraw from the contract as well as renew the lease or still proceed with the purchase of the property.