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Different Kinds Of Locksmith Services

Locksmiths are in charge of many different aspects of a person’s home, from repairing and replacing locks to installing security cameras. There are many different types of locksmiths, from ones that deal with automotive and commercial security to those that specialize in safes and locks.

Regardless of what you need as your locksmith bath service, it is best to do a little research before choosing a company. Keep reading for more information about what kind of services each specialist offers and how much you should expect to pay for them.

Commercial and Automotive Locksmith

Commercial and automotive locksmiths are focused on the security of businesses and cars. They are responsible for making sure that the locks in businesses and cars work properly, as well as installing new ones, when needed. The services that they offer include the following:

  • Changing old locks with new ones
  • Installing newer, more functional door locks
  • Preventing break-ins to your lockers or safes by installing security cameras, motion sensors or alarms etc.

Safe and Vault Locksmith

prices for a locksmith

Safe and vault locksmiths are in charge of the security of expensive items, including the safes and vaults that protect them. They are responsible for installing, repairing or replacing any safe or vault in your home, as well as using their skills to open locked safes when you need to access your valuables.

Residential Locksmith

A residential locksmith is in charge of the locks and security in your home, including the doors, windows, locks and security cameras. They are most likely to be called out for emergency situations that arise due to misaligned or broken locks. You can be sure that if a residential specialist is given your contact information in an emergency situation that they will contact you in the very next day.

Emergency Locksmith

An emergency locksmith is called out for any kind of situation that requires immediate attention, such as when your keys are locked inside your car, when one of your locks has been broken or when you need help opening a safe as fast as possible. The services that they offer include opening cars and homes, making duplicate keys and entry cards, replacing locks and installing new security measures.