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The Importance of Instant Electric Water Heater

Instant electric water heaters, commonly referred to as instantaneous water heaters or on-demand water heaters have become crucial appliances in most homes due to their numerous advantages.

Apart from that, instant electric water heaters have become more important because they are very energy efficient. Traditional tank heaters have to keep heating on large volumes of water, with high loss of energy, especially when hot water is not a continuous need, unlike Instant electric water heaters that heat water on demand and avoid the standby energy losses associated with storage tanks.

Thus, this process guarantees a hot instantaneous supply of water in a condition that there is no need for a hot water reservoir. Therefore, instantaneous electric water heaters, when compared to traditional ones, can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%, which reduces utility bills.

Compared to normal water heaters that can be slow when it comes to heating more significant amounts of water, an instant water heater generates hot water within a fraction of a few seconds.

The continuous supply of hot water on demand means that you will have water throughout the peak hours. It is especially so in a multi-storey home where demand for hot water can be unpredictable. The use of instant electric water heaters is also essential as far as saving space is concerned. Unlike bulky storage tanks, their compact wall-mounted designs occupy less space. Such a situation helps you save a lot of space in your house so that it may be used for something else or stored.

Instant electric water heater has a compact design; hence, they are appropriate for use in small rooms or in cases where storage space is limited. They are also instantaneous; convenient to install, and have little maintenance needs like others. Due to this convenience, it is even more important as it makes work easier when you want to replace or upgrade a hydraulic heating system.

Therefore, such instantaneous electric water heaters do not include storage tanks and, as such, reduce water contamination risks.  Alternatively, instant heaters deliver clean water whenever you need one, as it ensures good water quality and health. They are long term, hence causing a reduction in the number of junked water heaters since they do not need many repairs.


Flow-through heaters have a longer lifespan than traditional storage tanks. Traditional tanks experience corrosion and sediment buildup, which causes them to break prematurely.  Using instant electric water heaters can help save energy and as much as four percent in your energy bill.