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sell a house quickly

Three Questions One Should Ask Themselves To Sell A House Quickly

Some determined homeowners in Oregon are eager to take charge of their home sale and discover how to sell a property by owner when the time comes to relocate. The decision to sell alone is frequently understandably motivated by a desire to save on commission fees and pocket more equity from a difficult investment because a person’s home is typically their main financial asset. The hot real estate markets in Oregon and a sharp increase in equity provided additional motivation to maximize earnings. 

Does remodeling your house before selling it make sense?

Substantial improvements, such as kitchen or bathroom renovations, rarely pay for themselves. Home improvements are also becoming more expensive and taking longer due to supply chain problems and manpower scarcity. However, you might want to think about some quick measures to raise the value of your house, such as putting in a new front door or adding an energy-efficient thermostat.

sell a house quickly

What should be fixed before you sell your house?

To determine what has to be fixed before advertising your home, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. If you have apparent problems, such as a leaky shower or carpeting that has been torn up by your dog, you should take care of them before they repel potential buyers. Doing a pre-listing house inspection may also be useful. They cost a few hundred dollars, but they can spot any problems before they cause closing delays and are discovered during a buyer’s inspection.

Should your home be staged?

First impressions count for a lot, and home staging is one technique to ensure that everyone who views your house is impressed. The expenses of house staging can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, from virtual staging that can make the property stand out in online images to genuine, in-home staging with furniture rentals and more. But you’ll earn a lot more money in return: The Real Estate Staging Association reports that in 2021, staged homes sold for more than $40,000 more than their list prices.

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